Two Consecutive SEO Contest is Always Tiring

I remember some old SEO contest that I join, got a domain(s), did nothing until the contest ended. Sometime I guess I get too excited with SEO contest, but ends up too busy to work on them and they remained untouched. I remember joining the hoax contest shopautodotca which I did nothing but get a domain. Filipino SEO Leo Mirabuna did well in that contest along with Ashad Shaikh from India but the prize was never given by this Canadian Car Shop company. Same thing with Paradise Philippines. I guess when SEOContest2008 started, I was fresh again and after that contest, Busby SEO Challenge and the discontinued Kabon Footprint, were also contest that I took no action but get a domain. Now for Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb contest, well in this case, I thought I will still be lazy working on my site.

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Donate Blood for Gasoline?!

I guess everyone has their own reasons to donate blood. Below is 18 year old Jessica Busby who donates blood for more money and possible earn just a little more to help out in gasoline expenses.

San Diego Residents Near Downtown, Make a Change, Safe a Life and Donate Blood on September 9, 2008

I donate blood on a regular basis. Since I am from San Diego I normally go to the San Diego Blood Bank, but this September 9, 2008 I encourage everyone in San Diego to donate blood at Little Italy in Downtown San Diego. This will be for the American Red Cross Southern California Chapter. This is an urgent appeal for Blood Donors. The Blood Supply has reached critical levels and blood donations are needed immediately. All donations are by appointment only:

3 easy steps to help make a change and safe lives:

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