A New Busby SEO Challenge

I have been working on an SEO project, that has a lot of navigations using an HTML <select> tag. Which we all know is not search engine friendly. Because search engine spiders, also called bots cannot crawl this type of navigation. So I decided to redesign one and I made one using plain unordered list tags. <ul>,<li> tags that imitated how a <select> tag would behave. And the additional advantage aside from crawlability is the appearance is more customizable since there are many CSS properties that can change the colors of a <select> element but is not cross-browser compatible. With an ordinary list, you can customize appearance that is sure to look the same across all major browsers. I called this navigation the Busby Select Nav and so far the only problem I have is this is not working well on Safari and Konqueror. So I decided to ask help to get it work.

To get it work is a challenge in itself already. This is my new Busby SEO challenge, to get my own Busby Select Nav, an SEO-friendly <select> box imitation CSS navigation, the challenge to work on Safari and Konqueror browsers. The only problem with it in Safari and Konqueror is if the dropdown has a long list, and you need to scroll down to the lower links, you can never click on them as Safari and Konqueror will refresh the dropdown once you click on it and will scroll all the way up again.

If you think you have a solution, check it out and if you can help me, I will give you two free domain names of your choice for 1 year. Up for this competition? More on this Busby challenge here.

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