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This news is not new, and this SEO contest ended last April 1, 2008 and it was not an April Fool’s Day joke. 🙂 UK Webmaster World held an SEO contest that ran from February 1, 2008 to April 1, 2008 and the winner is who ever ranks highest for the keyword: SEOContest2008 that gave zero results before the contest started and I was fortunate to win the 2nd place prize.

The complete winners are:

  1. SEOSphere Team – Congratulations to all of you! This 30-man French SEO team was really a tough team to beat. Good talent and their sheer number was sufficient enough to come from behind at the last few days of the contest. I really did not have much to do to catch up at such a short notice to meet the contest deadline. I read the comment you wrote Paul and I read your email Kad. If ever I visit France one day, I’ll definitely take the chance of meeting the team. The French team was also a strong team in the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 contest. Hats off to you guys.
  2. Your’s truly, Benj Arriola – In the beginning week of March I was leading and had maintained my position for some time but I knew I still should not be confident that I will be holding the position until the end. In the last 10 days of the contest, I was already seeing the Sphere team and my site switch positions everyday, sometimes even twice a day. And in the last 2 days, I seemed to stay permanently at number 2.
  3. Eli Tapiador – Also a Filipino, Eli first played in an SEO Contest with Ituloy AngSulong. He won 3rd place then and he said he was just lucky. He is also consistently in the top 10 of the BayanihanSEO contest. So if he still thinks he is just lucky, I think he’s not and he really knows what he is doing.
  4. Dwi Hermawanto – Dwi, from Indonesia who goes by the name Pogung in the forums, has a very impressive win noting that he was already a month late in joining this contest. He did not need the full 2 month period to reach the 4th place rank.

I’d like to give credits to several people I saw who worked hard in this contest. The SEO people from Indonesia. There were 3 Indonesians in the top 10, special mention to MES who I did an early link exchange with replying to his invitation. SEO Philippines competitors. With me and Eli as 2nd and 3rd respectively, Ed Canape was also in the top 10 of the official results. I’d also like to give credit to the hard work of Elmer Claveria. Even if he was not in the top 10 official results, he was in the top 10 on Google.com when visited from IP addresses in the US. It still shows he was doing a good SEO job, but was just not strong enough to convince the big G to consider his site internationally and in the UK. Also special mention to Arshad from India who I occasionally chat with ever since the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 SEO contest.

And of course to the whole SEOContest2008 SEO Philippines team which I am not sure if I mentioned each competitor from, the Philippines. I had several chat sessions and gave tips in the forums and also helped in the link love to pull everyone up but that was not enough to make your rankings higher.

Like in my previous SEO Contest win I had a long list of thank you links. And I am pretty sure i won’t get this the first I post it and if ever incomplete, sorry I forgot to mention but thanks still. Thanks to the very pink Riz Sanchez, Mike Lopez, Thanks Jhonna Ajeda for the unsolicited link, SEO brothers in Malaysia, Mas Dini Muzammal, good work as usual.

And of course thanks to UK Webmaster World. Bagi, Temi, Skinner and the rest of the group for making this contest possible.

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7 thoughts on “2nd Place Winner for SEOContest2008 – UK Webmaster World

  1. 2 out of 4 from the philippines? woooow! 🙂


    Haha, congrats sir benj! You did it again! 🙂 To think you joined this contest while you’re suddenly bored at work and thought “eh kung sumali kaya ako..” out of the blue. Kakaiba ka! *clap,clap* 🙂

  2. hi webmaster! Mabuhay ka!…juz sooo evry1 knows seatmate ko ‘to! so this is what happens when you’re bored … batangsacre90 Tey

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