Where’s the Snakes?

Past few days I’ve been so busy finishing a bunch of projects. That I often burn the midnight oil finishing all these sites. I only pay attention to this and I don’t even think about anything else. So my room is often a mess that my room floor looks like tons of junk and seems like a snake could probably be living already in my room jungle.

My workstation

This is my work area, and once I work, I don’t pay attention to anything else.

And today, when I got home… whaaat??? Where’s my junk? I was surprised to see an empty floor in my room. Almost impossible to happen.

Floor cleaned? How did that happen?

This same area was filled with junk that you did not even know where to step on.

I found out my sis-in-law Janet relocated all junk in more eye-pleasing places. And I asked her right away if she saw the snakes. She said she didn’t. Anyway thanks too sis for the effort of moving things around. She mainly did it looking for the laundry more than the intention of cleaning up my room, but thanks anyway. I am kind of suspecting my wife who is in the Philippines right now has something to do with it, but not sure, just my guess.

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12 thoughts on “Where’s the Snakes?

  1. WOW! You have a guitar!! And it’s red!! Kakainlab naman. 🙂 SEO Guru tapos guitarista! My ideal guy. LOL 🙂

    But wait, 4 computer monitors at a time?? Seriously??! Ang workaholic naman. I wonder if you still have time to play your guitar. 😛

  2. @Riz:
    – on guitar: I am actually not a fan of red. But when I bought the guitar, I just asked for the cheapest one as long as it plays. And it was the red one.
    – on kakainlab and ideal guy: No comment. Kaya cguro love talaga ako ni misis ko, and love ko din sya. 😀
    – on working: Yes I work a lot, and yes I play the guitar, everyday, pag boot ng computer, while waiting for it to boot, nagpla-play ako. And in-between some breaks working.

    Tae ka din. Tae naman, wag naman tae, at public domain itong site ko. Nababasa lahat ng tao, tapos makikita ng lahat ng tae puro tao mababasa nila.

  3. While 1 PC is running something, the other may ginagawa ako. Like running ranking reports. Or… while one is for work, the other is for play, like playing a DVD.

    Actually 2 PCs lang yan. 1 Desktop and 1 Laptop. Then naka share lang mga monitors on extended desktop. Actually may MacMini dyan na natabunan lang, at ayaw na mag boot.

  4. oh uhmmm got nothing to do with it… maybe sis just got tired looking at all your mess and she got nothing to do so she cleaned your room… tell her thanks :)from her ate.

  5. Cool workstation! If my life’s a busy as your I’d probably have a messier place. Gosh, ants are biting me now coz I have a couple of unwashed plates of cake and bibingcrepe. It’s normal, just tell everyone you’re too busy working to clean up. hehe.

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