Badsense Adsense Technique / Black Hatter and Spammer

No this is not about a badsense adsense techhique. And it is also not about being a black hatter and spammer. This is just about Sam Casuncad’s experiment. As he posted on a thread in the SEO Philippines forum, saying that he has finally found some keywords to target to beat the the Blackhats, Matt Cutts and Marc Macalua. Where he showed some SERP results having his pages higher than some other blackhat sites, higher than Matt Cutts and higher than Marc Macalua. He also mentions in the thread: “go and beat me if you can guys.” *LOL* Although he does mention that he is a newbie in SEO according to him and this is just basically for fun. Although I am not a sucker for this challenge as I have a lot more things worthwhile to do. Although, let’s just see how far can a push-button-flip-the-switch-instant-automatic-magic-SEO can do. If it will really make a big difference in SEO or if it will not. But if you seriously want to take Sam Casuncad’s challenge, tell him and target the keywords: Badsense Adsense Technique or Black Hatter and Spammer.

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12 thoughts on “Badsense Adsense Technique / Black Hatter and Spammer

  1. you are very good to have responded to the call and view the experiment that way.

    so what else did you use to get here early today and as fast?

    congrats!!! were all going to be here soon coz nobody is targeting the keywords at all.hehehe

    thanks benj.

  2. hi boz benj,
    i came across your site while reading a thread about tsikotbabe 😉
    i was just wondering if you do SEO for a living…
    we have a website for our company we wish to improve its ranking
    or maybe you can provide us a seminar on how to do basic SEO? 😀

    you can e-mail me at ***.******@*****.com

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