Saturday Hybernation

Ever since I was a kid, my parents slept late at night. Which made it become my habit as well. And at the school where I studied in grade school, the top section always had classes in the afternoon so I was not required to wake up early. Since everyone at home seemed to sleep late, it became my habit too and even worse, as I stated growing up, I even slept more late, most of the time early morning. I just seem to be more productive during this time of the day. So most of the time I get less than 8 hours of sleep. Today, the same situation is true. I sleep less everyday, go to work, then work at home, then sleep late and wake up early.

But every Saturday, I go through this hybernation period. I sleep almost all throughout the day. I supposed to go pingpong with Mishon today, and bring a data DVD to Jimmy. But I was out cold in my hybernation period. I woke up at 5pm and here I am again, facing the computer and needs to finish a bunch or work. Sometimes, the work is so varied across several websites keeping focus on one gives me a hard time. Right now, I will focus on a proposal for some company in the Philippines for design and development. Then I know I have to do something for Seda. OMG, this is long over due. I will email Seda once I am done with the proposal.

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