Silva vs. Crocop

I am a fan of Kazushi Sakuraba because of his poker face he has when fighting. Although dangerous he has this expressionless face without much rage and likes to acknowledge the skills of his opponent even if he wins or loses a fight. Mainly a wrestler, he has fairly enough striking skills. But I found it sad watching him loose to the animal like Vanderlei Silva in all 3 fights they had in the past. Silva is like this beast that is going to eat you alive. Although one of Silva’s popular fights was when he lost by knockout to Vitor Belfort with Belfort’s extreme punching power and fast hand speed. You win some, you lose some, but Silva’s history has proven he is one hard person to match in the octagon and PrideFC. Being a practitioners of several martial arts myself, I like watching UFC and PrideFC as well as reading and interacting with others like in UFC and Pride forums.

Mirko Crocop on the other hand is this lean mean Russian fighter, formerly in the armed forces with great striking skill and precision. Crocop is popular for his high left roundhouse kick to the head that has already knocked out many opponents in the past.

These two fighters are really tough ones, and face Crocop and Silva together? What do you get? They fought September 10 last year and here is the result: