Watch Cable TV for Free Online

Most of the time I work in front of the computer and after work, once I get home, I work again at home. And again in front of the computer. I can say I see the computer monitor more often than the TV screen. A few years back, I remember my room where I had a 35″ TV with cable TV and worked at the same time. Even if I do not pay full attention to the TV, once I hear something that catches my attention, I pause for a while and watch what I heard, and goes back working. And the TV is always left on any of the 3 channels: TechTV (Became G4:TechTV and today is G4TV), National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Now with my situation in the US, I have no TV in my room and I have no plans of buying one in the near future. There is a TV in the living room, but I need work to be done so I just skip the TV all together. Although I have an external USB TV box, my other PC is busted right now, and I do not want to run my work and my TV on the same PC since the software just consumes too much resources.

But recently, I just learned about the Free Cable TV streaming online. So when I am working, I can run this software that streams Cable TV through my Internet connection for free. Although it is another program running on my desktop, it does not use much resources and does not do any observable slow down to my computer.

College Sports

I am not really into Basketball, I do not play the sport and I grew up in the BMX world and Martial Arts. Although I always watch college basketball games when I was in college. That was always fun for me. Now that I have already graduated from college long time ago, I still try to keep up to date sometimes. I go to UAAPGames to be up-to-date. But this is only news that already happened and it would be nice to see it live. Now that I am in the US, a web-cast would be great. If the Philippine Web Awards can do it, and also the last Manny Paquiao fight, I also watched it online. The Atlantic Coast Conference does this on ACC Sports, they have a live web-cast of the games and their most watch sport is soccer. The most watch soccer game is between Maryland at Wake Forest. Now, if the UAAP can do the same, I’d probably watch their games too.

ACC Sports

Vacation Over, Back to Work

Vacation: Over. Back to work again. 2 weeks is to short and I lost a day in travelling from east to west over the International date line with 14 hours of air flight. (Which is 12 hours when done west to east since it rides along the rotation of the earth.) But it was still good well spent quality time with my family.

SEO Contest: With last minute efforts, I was already number 10 that night. But was dancing at 10 and 11. And the top 10 win a prize. And when it was the official results time to refresh it, I moved to 11. Nyhahaha. Some of my friends told me it sucks, but all I can say, the SEO lessons in the contest are priceless. There’s a lot that I have learned in this contest. I have some photos of the Isulong SEOph SEO contest event here.

Michael Turner of HarvestSEO got some photos too and said something about me attending the event. He’s probably right. 🙂

Christine, who is one of the SEO Philippines members wanted to take a photo of everyone and took a picture with my daugher Jamie. and also took a picture with me.

Anton Diaz had a nice photo with me in the center, and also with my wife in the group photo. 🙂

The Storm: The day right after I came to the Philippines was when typhoon Milenyo passed by and knocked down a bunch of trees and electrical post. We had no electricity for 2 days while other areas were worse, up to today, some places in Bicol have no power and even phone lines are dead too.

Photos/Videos: I will try to prepare them and uploaded one by one. I still got to catch up with emails, voicemails, IM’s, snail mails, all waiting for my attention.

Back to Work: Yes, and I miss my family already. I drove my daughter everyday to school, and went with my wife everywhere. I came to the US Tuesday 12am, sorted my stuff, slept at 4am, went to work, came home, slept and… wow, I slept too long! I woke up at 3:30pm and called up the office right away. Well I will get a lot of sleep now, so I can catch up. At 4:40pm, I decided to pass by Einstein Industries just before they go home at 5:00pm and talk to a few friends and leave some dried mangos. Tomorrow is all work again.

Is this a Vacation?

My Vacation: Going back to the Philippines, and attending an SEO Contest awarding and an excellent time to be with my family. And… design projects, development projects, SEO projects, hosting accounts, SEO contest, rooms a mess, legal stuff, quality family time, maybe seminars/speaking engagements coming up, arrggg. Maybe it may not feel like a vacation. But aside from attending the SEO contest awarding, being with my family is the best, nothing beats that.

SEO Philippines

Alexaholic – Nice way to compare traffic

You can enter up to 5 websites and see the graph of their traffic based on Alexa superimposed over each other. Pretty cool. Check the traffic of my entries in the Isulong SEOph contest compared to my blog as a control.

Geeks Manual Comparison Geeks Manual Comparison Isulong SEOph About Isulong SEOph News on Isulong SEOph SEO by Isulong SEOph Tools found – Isulong SEOph Isulong SEOph About Isulong SEOph News on Isulong SEOph SEO by Isulong SEOph Tools found – Isulong SEOph

Looking for a job with the government

A lot of people say working for the government is well paid and has many benefits. If you are interested in getting one, there are tons of opportunities you can find online. Like the listings below, some are a bit redundant, but try searching yourself. Try in the job you like and choose the state where you want to work in.

Science and Technology Websites Science and Technology News Learn More About Science All About Science Science and Technology Tools

Oh Crap, My Personal Crap is Getting Exposed

Yes, if you found out somewhere that I am one of the new writers of an SEO blog, oh no… and you are looking at my personal crap blog. *lol* My main blog is still, but of course my name on that blog is still my name. Hmmm… Maybe I need an alias like the others, but I think it’s too late. I should have made some name for some branding effect. Oh well, what the heck. I don’t care. I still like my blog as it is, but if you are looking for SEO topics I post… sorry most of them are not here. You will probably find them in or Isulong SEOph.


Actually I like watching all kinds of car racing, from F1, to Rally, to NASCAR, I must say I am a bit bored with Indy 500 since it keeps going in the same direction in an oval. At least NASCAR has some lefts and rights and not only left. Not that I am saying NASCAR is better than Indy 500. It is just my personally preference.