Cool pendant, I am getting one for my wife!

This pendant is actually a part of history too. Since it is 25 cents in Philippine currency which is no longer used as the flora and fauna coin series were already changed. And only coin collectors probably have these coins of the past. This coin is silver and gold plated. Looks like a cool pendant to me. I bought mine from this online store. If you want one too, I link the photo to the store.

Flowers if in UK

It seems you can really target a different market in UK especially for localized products. When buying flowers in the US, you can always go to 1800Flowers who actually own the domain name But if I wanted to send flowers to the Philippines, I really do not know what website to use yet. But for flowers in UK, I already know who to trust, that would be Seranata Flowers. They have a user-friendly shopping cart, with some AJAX driven thumbnail previewing. Here are some flower arrangements that I believe my wife would love.

Designer not paid

Look at this Web Design:

Design for 10 Sikreto ng Mayayaman

This design was by Gail Dela Cruz, but she issued a full refund to the client. Maybe the client did not like the design. Now check this out:

10 Sikreto ng Mayayaman, the book. Original design concept by Gail Dela Cruz with minimal design changes, was unpaid and all payments refunded.

This is the final design that came out. Hmmmm… what do you think? Looks like a free design. So this is the secret of this rich! *LOL* Read the story about the 10 Sikreto ng Mayayaman and you decide yourself if this is a major rip-off.
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As I got out of work last Friday, I was walking out with our front desk receptionist Kirsten, and I ask her what she was up to doing over the weekend and she said she will be moving. I asked from where to where, and it was from Downtown to North County. That is quite a long drive, and I can imagine it can be tiring moving a bunch of stuff. I wonder if she rented a Uhaul truck or something like that. One thing I just found out now, that maybe I could have recommeneded was this site I found when searching for Moving Companies. And I was just amaze that nearly every market in the US just has some type of portal out there. So looking for the service you need will always be easy. And even in moving services for relocation, you can find a portal dedicated to it to make life easier looking for the moving company you need.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D on Electric Guitar to the nth power!

I once blogged about JerryC’s rendition of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D which is one of my favorite classical piano pieces even before JerryC made Canon Rock popular which I posted in my blog last February 19, 2006.

Today, there are like hundreds of people doing their own style of JerryC’s arrangement. Some just playing the exact same thing, some not that quite proficient, and others somewhat at the same level. Others even with their practice errors, all posting them on video sites. I just decided to look at some and I found some that had their own unique twist to it.

Original arrangement of the classical music Canon in D played by JerryC himself.

By Funtwo, nothing different in how he played it, but he was one of the early people who posted his version so many people found out about it that kind of made him famous in his country, Korea.

Canon in D with no background music

Acoustic guitar versions: Have a hard time with Canon in D? So make it Canon in C! *LOL*

Better acoustic guitar version of Canon in D

So far the best acoustic guitar version of Canon in D I have seen by Trace Bundy

I don’t know how that tapping will sound without that microphone. Sound good but I think that should sound a little weaker without the mic.

Best non-modified Canon in D on the acoustic guitar I have seen

Bass guitar in the dark playing Canon in D

More skilled bass guitar player with his version of Canon in D

Not a Canon Rock Version, but playing the actual Canon in D, as a duet on the keyboards and guitar.

Canon Rock duet with a saxophone.

When the sax plays lead, reminds me of Walt Disney cartoons, like it is a horn of a car or something like that. *LOL*

Also not Canon Rock. Just plain Canon in D. By a group of acoustic guitar players. I found it boring.

Not just any ordinary Canon Rock copy cat. He has his own thing going on, which I think compliment JerryC’s version pretty well.

A funny comment on this video was talking about Asians. Because it is like every Asian guitar player seems to know Canon in D *LOL*

JerryC performing with his C Band in Taiwan

Funniest Canon in D Fake version

What really is PPP?

In the online advertising world, people have been doing this in several ways and one of the most effective ways are ranking high in organic results in search engines. But some how, this has been getting more and more competitive in some markets like in the Pharmaceutical, Porn and Online Gambling industry. And this is where spamming was the last result of these types of companies, from spamming email, spamming forums, spamming blogs, and everything. But spam just does not really work. Nice written write up contents still work best. So the that pay bloggers to have ads on blogs is a good way to spread the news, but I have heard from somewhere that, PPP is really just a bait for many bloggers to start blogging about Viagra and Porn websites in the future and PPP really meant Porn and Pills for Pharmaceuticals.

Long Busy Labor Day Weekend

Labor day is on Monday, no work, on Monday. It’s a long weekend but I need to…

  • Finish a registration form/database for this Filipino Organization.
  • Finish design for a montessorri school in the Philippines.
  • My room is a mess, I need to fix it slowly every weekend.
  • Do some legal paperwork for me and my wife.
  • Catch up on the Isulong SEOph contest.
  • So some SEO work on a home decor website.

So far those are my short term goals, and I need to make more money also for September so I make of for some days I will have no work on my way going to the Philippines as I attend an SEO event.

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