Responsible Gun Owners, Prevent Crime by Keeping Guns Secure

Guns are used all the time for various crimes. Although to be able to obtain a gun, proper licenses are required also. Now most criminals though, have stolen guns.

I personally do not own a gun. But at home where I grew up, my late father had several guns. He sold them to license gun owners so there are no guns in the house anymore. And I still remember when there was only 1 gun left, a Smith & Wesson Magnum .38 Revolver, my uncle was asking for it if he can have it, one of my cousins was asking for it too. But my Dad never gave it them, but this is where I saw the desire for many people to have a gun for it meant power to some people. And as we hear this over and over again, with great power comes great responsibility.

Preventing guns to get into the hands of criminals can be one way of doing that. Securing your guns well to prevent them from getting stolen, and one way to do that is with safe gun storage using gun safes. This should be a part of every responsible gun owner.

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