Keep up-to-date with football!

NFL or College Football, you can be updated with the schedules at a glance. Sometimes looking and searching online can be confusing and you need to turn on your computer. Having the football schedules with you in your pocket all the time would really be great. And that is why I like Doc Sport’s College and NFL Football Schedule. I bring it everywhere, very comprehensive. I have one in my car, and another beside the TV. They give it away for free so you don’t lose at all. Just pay for shipping which is not that much.

When I got my copy, all I can say is that this guy, the Doc is The Source. He has been in this business since 1971, that is a very long time which makes him an authority in these sports journals. Aside from footbal schedules you have a lot of valueble stats that can help you a lot in betting. I think Fantasy Football people would love this. At the back there are also a few coupons you might want to check out.

Spider in my room

One night while working in my room, I noticed a spider. It’s legs spread out seemed to span about 2.5 inches. Not that small, but also not a super big spider. And when I see spiders, I usually do not kill them since I consider them “good guys” since they eat the mosquitos, flies and other small insects. I also consider lizards “good guys” too since they can even eat cockroaches bigger than their mouth. Just like all retiles do, they do not chew, and their jaw seems to detach as they swallow big insects or animals they prey on. House lizards are cool to me since they eat cockroaches. When I was kid, the house I grew up in usually had a trail of ants that I watch. Where they go and pass by, how they bring food with them, what they do to their dead. And also in the same bathroom, I would observe the cob webs and spiders in them, and I would sometimes get some ants and drop them in the web and just watch the spiders quickly jump to the ants, and wrap them up and then seems to bite a small piece of, maybe to kill them, then bring them to one location and to not eat them right away.

Just a few days ago, I saw a spider in my room. And since I do not consider them the “bad guys” unlike mosquitos, flies and cockroaches, i kept the spider alive and decided to get as close as I can without scaring it to be able to take a good photo of it. Surprisingly the spider did not even moved even with the bright flash and I was even able to move it a lot more closer and take a picture of the spider again. Maybe this is what I feel that is crawling on my feet sometimes when I sleep, but I just move and it goes away and I sleep again.

Photo of a spider in my room