Looking for School Furniture

Owning a school or any kind of training center needs chairs and tables and a whole set of furniture you usually do not find in your home furniture store. If you own a training business and needs these types of chairs or tables, they can actually all be found online. I was helping out a friend of mine look for school furniture for his school which was a school for learning English for foreigners in the US. And by helping him out, I found BizChair.com School Furniture. This shop really has a wide array of furniture for schools, and offices. It seems to be more comprehensive than other furniture shops that concentrate on home furniture only. After finding their site, my friend like it right away and decided to get all their future school furniture from them.

Brandon Vera is a Filipino?

I am out of shape. Although I love Taekwondo, I am sure if I go back to the Taekwondo studio where I used to go to here in San Diego, they will just beat me up. *LOL* Because they expect me to be good, but that was 2 years ago and a lot can change in 2 years. I think if I go back, I can’t do anything I used to do and I need to train privately first and hide from the group before going back so I am prepared when they decide to beat me up.

But now I work downtown, so travel time is a bit more, and when I get home, the Taekwondo classes will nearly start and it will just be a hassle chasing the time for the taekwondo classes to start. So I might as well go to the City Boxing gym in downtown San Diego. It would be near work and I signed up on their 30 day trail on their website. So I get to try everything out first for free. Hehehe.

Upon visting their site, I saw they have a good line up of trainers that include UFC fighter Brandon Vera. Although I am not 100% up-to-date as I was before in the MMA world, I decided to do a quick YouTube on Brandon Vera to check him out. And the guy posting the video and in some comments say that he is a Filipino. His dad is Pinoy and his mom is Italian. Well I don’t know if that’s true. Let’s see when I decide to go there myself.