Naked in Downtown San Diego

Well last Thursday as I went out with Dru to eat lunch at Horton Plaza with his Fil-Am friend Eric at where we all work in Downtown San Diego and is just 2 blocks away, in one of the busy corners of the city was a group giving away this flyer:

Peta Flyer

But that did not really catch my attention, what really catched my attention was the model in the middle of the street, wearing almost nothing. With parts of her body labled where the loin, ribs, breast and other pork meat counterparts are in the human body. This is the same group Pamela Anderson has been supporting and doing nude stuff in China I think in support of the group to go all veggie. Here are the photos taken on my Nokia 6600 which was the only camera I had during that time.





I am not a vegetarian, and I believe that there are really herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. And also being a man of science that believes in the Darwinian theory, it is really about habitat, adaptation and survival that dictated how some living things became how they eat. But if the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment or Animals) think otherwise and think humans cannot eat animals and every human should not eat animals, that’s their belief and I respect that. I don’t really care and will not say they are wrong or right. But what I know it is right for me to eat meat in the same way it is for other animals that are also omnivores and carnivores. Humans are nothing but mammals who are also animals. (Now I might get religious people react to that, where i also respect your beliefs and are anti-Darwinian and can never accept that we all came from the same monkey.) And there exist a food chain, of the eat and be eaten. Although humans are know to be on top of the food chain, there are still many instances of human being eaten by vultures, hyenas, lions and tigers, sharks, phytons, crocodiles and others.

And all this promotion PETA did on the streets may have attracted my attention, but it did not get the message across to me to avoid eating meat and the sexy chick was an attraction but did nothing to my belief in eating only veggies.

Ok, now back to reading news about the Isulong SEOph contest and check if my Isulong SEOph site will do well, unlike the other Isulong SEOph that I have been reading.

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4 thoughts on “Naked in Downtown San Diego

  1. nice pics. nice girl.

    i myself mostly eat vegetables but i cannot really call myself a vegetarian because i also eat meat but not always. eating vegetables has its own benefits as well as eating meat. i guess it’s just a matter of balancing ones diet.

  2. The stripper-like female that was supporting the protest only confirmed one thing: If meat looked like that, I surely want to eat it!

    Sorry for the vegans out there (I eat veggies too!). I eat everything in moderation anyway.

  3. nice one! i personally don’t eat meat that much and though i’d prefer vegetables over meat, i’m not really a vegetarian. as for PETA, i admire what they do but just like you, i think we humans have the right to eat meat as much as any animal has the rightto eat us. also, i find it futile for a group of people to ask the population to become herbivores when evolution made us omnivores.

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