Happy Birthday Quotes

Just a few words I will quote from emails and personal messages on ecards that I received…

…I look forward for the time where we will be seponding our birthdays together just like this :D…

…A year had flown fast
Now…365 days had last
You’ve been in my mind
Every minute not behind
The days are counting
The moments are filching
When are we be together
Hope it won’t be farther
Happy Birthday babe
We got lots to rave :)…

…missing you a gazillion times…

…Thank you for making my life warm and cozy!
Thank you for welcoming us with so much zest.
Thank you for being the best dad we could ever had
Atop it all thank you for making mama happy…

And here is a quote I did not receive, but a birthday quote I found online on http://www.onlinediscountmart.com/quotable-quotes.html that probably I can relate to:

It is lovely, when I forget all about birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me.
– Ellen Glasgow

Nice, works perfectly, just like a PDA.

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