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I also do Web stuff at work. , Geary Interactive, An interactive agency in the heart of downtown San Diego I am one of the web guys in the creative department. Although I an not that skilled in interactive Macromedia Flash animation that the company where I work, Geary Interactive does, Geary has an excellent team of Interactive Flash animation designers that do that job for the clients. of GearyI – Interactive Agency Since Geary people at work are pretty creative, here is some creative work I do when the interactive advertising design workload is not that high at this online web agency in San Diego.

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Looking for a Job and is a Christian?

Many of us look for jobs online. There is (which is how I got my first job in the US), Yahoo Jobs, Dice, Craig’s List and more. I can say these job placement portals have served well for the technical professions. But sometimes, we feel the need to follow our vocation. To help and serve as we are called toward HIM.

If you are a Christian, and wishes to serve the LORD better and would want to work for HIM, please visit If you are being called, do not turn away, look for the job you want HE will welcome you with open arms.

God Bless You.