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Raredog, jumble that up, and you can form the real name of Geri. Geri goes a long way back in 1989 I remember. During those days he was riding a BMX with a small plastic skull above the handle post. I was a BMX quarterpipe newbie that time and just barely goes over the coping. As my front wheel passes the top of the ramp, I turn back in. And Raredog used to fly above and during those years when backflips, flairs, tailwhip airs were not yet invented, Raredog was pulling of X-ups, Candybars, common one-footers and other tricks that are classics today. And since we are from the Philippines, we do not really think of safety that much, so we have minimal gears, most of the time without helmets. For some reason, I think even i considered knee pads and shin guards more important than a helmet since pedal grinds on your shins are really painful.

1989, such a long time, I do not ride the way I used to, and Raredog is all into scooters. Now he’s a blogger too! He has a new website.

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