Where is Berris Trick Team?

I just received an email:

Hi Benjie,

I saw your profile in internet and im trying to keep in touch with the berris bmx team I am  also a member of berris trick team back on the days….I just want to know by chance maybe you know address and phone number of berris bmx store in sampaloc.

And also about building the a website how much  it cost to make one…thanks hope to hear from you soon…

Sony Bolus

Wow, talk about blast from the past! lolz. That was like 20 years ago, actually my most active BMX days were 1988 to 1993 I think although interest in BMX racing and freestyle started as early as 1986. Man, I that old already? And I still want to ride ramps if given the time. When is it time to let go? I got 2 Mountain Bikes and 2 BMX’s in the Philippines and 1 BMX here in the US. Or do I have zero mountain bikes? I heard Allan Go brought the mountain bikes to Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Which reminds me of my BMX in the Philippines, the one in North Olympus, that I believe I have spent a total of P35,000 (about US $700) and it was kept it in the rain for 2 years, and looks good as trash today. That’s a easy let go. It looks worthless. The freewheel rear sprocket will surely be rusty. But that will not go to the trash right away. Those have original Shimano DX pedals. Every BMXer wants those, compared to some Victor Pedal imitation. The Araya rims for sure will still be great. Maybe I will take it apart and just get what still has value and put something together when the house in the Philippines gets bigger with a nice covered garage.

As for Sony, sorry, I have no contact information of the Berris Trick Team, nor was I active with the group. I was always with Rad World, the people in Lagro, Novaliches, Quezon City, and when that group died, I had several set of BMX buddied in the Teresa Heights, and occassionally went to Villa Sabina in Talipapa to ride the Quarter Pipe.

And I just went to Berris to buy parts and watch the other freestylers. But do you agree that the Berris quarterpipe was kind of extended in front? It was kind of shaped differently. I also had a chance to just ride the launch ramp once in Guadalupe and also jam around with the flatlanders by the parking lot of SM North EDSA. I personally do not know everyone by name, mostly by face and by bike. Except the oldies in Lagro and Talipapa in Novaliches since they were closer to me by location.

When it was the time of the Philippine’s XGames qualifiers for Asian XGames, that was already like my BMX retired period. And I just go to watch the Philippine Radness as it progressed from what it was before. Still we (pinoys) need a lot to work on to really become competitive. Like in the Philippines… at least 1 or 2 can do a backflip, 1 or 2 can do tailwhip airs, 1 or 2 can do 900’s and these 1 or 2 people are not the same people. Unlike in the US, backflips are like basic to all ramp riders today. But more ramps are coming out in the Philippines, and more riders are progressing, so maybe there is a good future for BMX in the Philippines. Let’s see. And to answer your question, nope, sorry I do not have the address or phone number, but I think I have heard they are closed already.

Funny thing is that this was so long time ago, but I still raced in June 2002 and got a not-so-cool 4th place with no prize!

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