Found an expired domain website again!

I found an expired domain website, created 2001, tons of inbound links, has a PR5 and is in redemption period. I got it queued up for snapping. Hopefully I get it, and make good use to it. Hahaha.

I only told 1 person about it, and better not post it in the comments if ever you plan to comment about this post. Or else someone else might target it too. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Found an expired domain website again!

  1. Hi Benj,
    What do you use to search for expired domains and to snap them. I recently saw a video from He uses NameSpy to get quick info and Snapnames. Snapnames buys the domain for him. It’s quite expensive though.


  2. Hi Abel,

    Welcome to my blog. Well to answer your questions…

    Q. How do I search for expired domains?
    A. I have no way and I just bought two old domains, and I am snapping another, but I found all three by accident. Just visited the site, and it was nowhere. Checked the backlinks and they were a lot, checked the availability, and when available, there is no more whois information so I cannot see the date created, but I check The Way Back Machine and see how far back have they saved cached copies. And if is it on or before 2001 with a lot of backlinks, I buy it.

    I sell my own domains on but I do not have any snapping script so I depend on GoDaddy’s Backordering. Uneless you can recommend a cheaper backordering service. NSI’s Snapdomains are quite expensive. But since I run my own domain registration, I believe I can make a script for this, do a daily cron job and do the same thing. I just do not have the time to do that right now, and sometimes time is crucial so I go to GoDaddy right away once I see an expired domain I like but is in redemption period.

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