A Peek of the Future: John Travolta Reincarnated

We all know John Travolta, if you don’t, he was in several movies and some of the notable John Travolta movies are Pulped Fiction, Swordfish, Face Off, Phenomenon, Staying Alive and Greese. You can search a complete filmography of John Travolta here. I have read several articles saying that John Travolta has autism, that he is gay and he is into scientology.

John Travolta has shown great dancing skill in Staying Alive and Greese. In the movie Greese which was also like a musical, John Travolta was paired up with excellent actress and signer Olivia Newton John. Although there were some rumors that John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were not equally compatible off-screen compared to their on-screen appearances, their on-screen appearance was like magic.

If you believe in the Hindu belief of reincarnation, as what they call Karma, where when a person dies, depending on the life that person lived, he may have a better life and wealthier when he is reborn into a new body if he lived a good life before dying. And if one was bad, he may be reborn in a lower status of life or even not human. You can be an animal or plant as punishment. Based on research, this was true, and using clairvoyant technology, (Similar to what you saw in the Minority Report movie with Tom Cruise where 3 psychics that can see the future, are hooked up to machines that can show on a video screen what is in their mind.) a video of John Travolta in the future was seen as he was reincarnated. And using past life regression, it was determined that the being in the future was indeed John Travolta and he even did a remake of the movie Greese, but no longer with Olivia Newton John.

Below is a video of the future, using clairvoyant technology showing John Travolta’s remake of the movie Greese.