Accounting and Legal Matters

After attending Robert Kiyosaki’s Investor Workshop last August 1, last year, he has stressed one point that can also be found in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, to build your own team. Where you really need your own Lawyer and Accountant and never make your Lawyer handle accounting matters and never have your Accountant handle legal matters.

Moving the company to Nevada

My company will soon be a Nevada Corp. and will need to be dealing from Nevada and not from California. I will be needing to change the stuff on my company homepage, removing the references to San Diego, California. And probably also from Manila Philippines and just add on the contact us page the offices.

Seeking Legal Advice

I have contacted the practice of Garrett Sutton to help out with the legal matters I might be needing for my company. Gary Sutton is a part of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors. After sending them an email and getting a reply and two phone call meetings, I might put up an LLC or an S-Corporation. But as adviced, I should have to talk to my accountant and tax advisor on what would be really ideal for me.

And after going to the seminar of Patrict James on Tax Strategies of the Millionaires, who basically gave a good introduction on Scott Estill’s practice. I then decided to attend the seminar by Scott Estill. Scott’s practice, Tax Strategies and Solutions seems to be one of the best in the country. His firm can serve as the accounting firm and legal firm as well. So If I decide to talk to take him in as the accounting firm that will handle my accounting matters, he might as well do the legal matters as well. Then I have no more reason to talk to Gary Sutton’s practice.

Gary is a Rich Dad Advisor which make us sure, he is top-of-the-line with corporate law. He is often a speaker for Small Businesses which I am sure can help up with my business being a small business. But still needs a separate accounting firm to work on tax matters. Scott’s practice can handle both accounting and legal matters, which is good. Scott was a former trial attorney for the IRS. We are pretty sure Scott really knows the tax law very well. Gary’s book, Own your Own Corporation which is a Rich Dad publication is a good seller and Scotts book on tax: Tax This, was recently named one of the top 5 books on Tax in an article written by Randy Blaustein on the Wall Street Journal. The only advantage I see of having Gary to handle legal matters is his practice is in Nevada while Scott’s is in Colorado and I will be putting up a Nevada Corporation. For sure I need a resident agent and I guess that is Gary’s advantage. But Scott is really good in minimizing tax being an excellent tax consultant.

Well, I still have to contact Scott and will fire him an email and based on his reply, I will decide on where to go to, with Scott’s practice, or with Gary’s practice.