The International Language of Pusoy Dos

I am currently in San Diego, and this place has a bunch of Filipinos. US-born Filipinos and Philippine Born Filipinos.

Some cannot speak Filipino well, others fluent, others can just understand but cannot speak. Some totally grew up here in the US and has not spent any significant long period of time in the Philippines.

One of my colleagues at work brought some playing cards. And we simply decided to play Pusoy Dos which is a Filipino variation of Poker. In the Philippines, Poker is actually boring. And Poker has two variations in the Philippines, Pusoy and Pusoy Dos. And while we were playing Pusoy Dos, some other Filipinos passing by the lunch table just said: What’s that? Is that Pusoy Dos? And we said yeah. And they knew the game by heart and started playing.

I find it funny how this game reaches overseas. It is like a Filipino tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. Since the only way some US-born and US-raised Filipinos can find out about this is from the older generations that pass it down that came from Philippines mother land. I just find it funny that this game is passed down from generation to generation.