Snail Mails

After being away for nearly month… and filtering out all the brochure type of junk in the mailbox, I got:

  • 8 Credit Card Pre-Approved Applications. All Credit Card Pre-Approved Applications went to the trash except for one since the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is lower than everyone else. I will start moving some of my bills on an auto-payment scheme from my other credit cards to other cards with lower APR and no annual fees.
  • 2 Pre-Approved Car Loan Letters. Both letters went to the trash. I do not need a new car. As long as my current 2nd-hand hand car still runs.
  • 10 Bills to pay from current bank credit cards, department store credit cards, phone, cellphone, chiropractor bills. All bills due before my payday were paid. Those bills due after payday will be paid after payday.

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