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I have been working as an employee since 1994 and also doing business at the same time since 1997. Business has been paying pretty well but not really the big bucks yet. Just enough to get through life. Then sometimes in an instant… these revenue streams pop into your head. They seem very promising. You feel very positive you will make it big. Earn big bucks. But then again… wasn’t this the exact same feeling I had when I just started my business? A computer shop that is now closed down. Full of enthusiasm and optimistic. Like nothing can go wrong, and everyone will love your product and service. You feel the urge to work every minute, knowing that every second counts.

I have been doing business since 1997, some businesses failed, and others went on. And some of those that I was very optimistic about in the past, were also the ones that died down, and the ones that continued to go on were the ones I least expected before hand, not until I was experiencing the work already.

I haven’t felt such enthusiasm and optimism in a very long time, since I always reserved these feelings in anticipation of the “anything can happen.” Things may go on right and things may fail. And by experience, things of such great feeling of enthusiasm and optimism don’t really work quite well I believe they supposed to be.

Ideas come and go, ideas come in a split second. And sometimes ideas just hit me, thinking of how great this idea is. Eversince the start of this year, business is doing good and revenue stream ideas keep pouring in. And I have never felt such enthusiasm and optimisim to work once again like there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel that I have always been travelling and finally, the light is really in sight. It is in proper range to reach.

But then again… maybe not. Well we will just have to see how it works out.

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  1. Jesus Christ man! I can’t comprehend how and where you are getting all those energy to do all the things that you do – you work, you maintain business, and still manage to maintain your ‘busy blog’ and heck you’re maintaining more than one blog. I wish I had the same kind of energy (or maybe discipline… hehehe). Anyways… Kudos!

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