Treo Import Unsuccessful

-Back up of Zire 72 data Successful.

-Installation of Treo Software Successful.

-Import of data to Treo, has errors.
Compatible Applications Transfered. But Calendar, Memo Pad and Contacts not transferred.

It says some data failed to transfer to SD Card.

My guess is…

On my Zire, I have a 64MB SD Card with some data on it. Maybe also the data is trying ot be copied onto the SD of the Treo and the Treo has no SD right now.

Will first try to move applications from SD card to Zire Memory, and leave data files in the SD Card. Do a back, install Treo Software, and import to Treo. If that does not work… I might but a new SD card. If that does not work either, the applications are not important. The calendar, memo and contacts are. I’ll install MS Outlook, synchronize Zire to that, then uninstall Palm Desktop for Zire. Install Palm Desktop for Treo and synchronize with MS Outlook. If successful, uninstall Outlook after that. A long process, but if it is the only way to save all the information, I have to face it then.

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