Palm Treo 600 Switch

Yeah just received mine a few days ago. My first experience with Palm was with a Palm m100, then Palm IIIxe, then Palm Zire 72, and now a Palm Treo 600.

I jusr like the PalmOS compared to Windows CE on PocketPCs and SmartPhones. A lot just fits so much in PalmOS that sometimes will not fit even a simple Microsoft Word Document. Being a fan of the PalmOS, if ever I wanted a SmartPhone, it would be PalmOS powered and not Windows CE.

My I had before the Treo was a Nokia 6600 as my phone and Palm Zire 72 as my PDA which is fine. But they are two things and at least I can have them combined now in the Treo 600.

Problem now is the switching from my Palm Zire 72 to Palm Treo 600. My first attempt did not go on well.

After synchronizing my Zire 72 with my laptop, then installing the Treo Updates on my laptop, then synchronizing it again with my Treo, instead of transfering everything to the Treo, the Treo transferred things to the laptop too, so the calendar was deleted as well as the contacts and everything. Good thing all data was still in my Zire 72.

I uninstalled everything and is currently trying to do it again. I will Install Zire’s Palm Desktop, synchorize and back up. Update to Treo’s Palm Desktop, and check if data was imported. Then Synchronize again to Treo.

Hope everything works. 🙂

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