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I sell TLDs or Top Level Domains.

Domains are nothing but your address that ends in either of the following:


I have a new web hosting client that has 2 .ws domains and 1 .net. So before his domains expire, I plan to have him transfer to my domain registration company. But I do not sell .ws domains.

I checked ICANN for any news about .ws, the dot website domain, maybe it is just some TLD agreement that I need to sign to be able to sell them too. ICANN did not even handle the domain extension.

So I searched Google and typed in ISO 2-letter country code. And WS was for Samoa. True enough, the .ws is the ccTLD of Samoa.

After all this time I really thought .ws is a TLD for dot website. It was just some marketing guy whoever he/she is, thought of selling the .ws as dot website. And whoever that reseller is, he/she probably made some amount of money already with all the .ws domains out there.

And this also happened with .tv where .tv is the ccTLD for Tuvalu.

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