Problem, but a good problem…

Current Projects
-Finishing a an SEO site.
-Finishing a design for a Taekwondo site.
-Closed a deal, design, SEO, domain and hosting for a real estate related website.
-Closed a deal, design, domain and hosting for a food business.
-Closed a deal, hosting and 2 add-on domains.

In the works:
-A mortgage company who is waiting for the requested logins from the domain registration company for nameserver changes. Once changed, another new web hosting client.
-A web designer just thinking of a domain name. Once he decides on what domain to get, he is another new hosting and domain client.

The rest are all proposal.

They are all coming in and I am not even hard selling yet. Just passive selling and they come. Thank you Lord.

Now what is the problem?

Too much work. 😀 But is a good problem. But I also know the mistakes of Action Online, my first web company. I was spreading myself too thin, doing everything, to the point it cannot be done. A lot of promises made to clients that were not achievable. But I know what do to now, since I already learned from those mistakes. This is one reason why I am only doing passive selling since I know what my limits are and has to streamline my whole business process first before I go for all out selling and this streamlining is in progress.

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