Too much code!!!

I’m just taking a break from work. I do not know why some people have too much code in their work and why can’t they make it shorter. Most of those who do this are the WYSIWYG dependent people. Relying on what Dreamweaver renders. Too much unnecessary nesting to tables. Image pushers here and there. Slicing everywhere. Not reusing images that are used all the time in different pages. Not taking advantage of CSS repeat-x, repeat-y, repeat and no repeat and just place large chunks of images. Using image names Fireworks made in the slicing.

All of the above is a big ???

I grew up using dial-up for a long time, and I know how pages load in dial-up. So in my sites download speed is always a priority. Hard code is the way to go with nice short clean, easy to read code. Homesite is still and always the best for me, Dreamweaver does not even have a match for it.

I’m was just fixing a site with messed up tables. Totally unscallable. Well back to work.

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5 thoughts on “Too much code!!!

  1. im also reading documentation in css (cascading style sheets)the one that came from ms office (sa 1033 folder filename htmlref.chm) just like what i have read about your blogs, its interesting…and it limits code writing,
    even though ,i only knew basic html and few java
    script…… okey sir more power…(blog ka pa ng marami)wish you more blog

  2. Importante rin alamin ang demographics ng mga end-users mo. Kunyari na dito sa Southern California, almost (hindi ko alam ang eksaktong statistic) everyone has broadband.

    Even with that fact, I still design for the ‘narrow’band because you don’t want to alienate any percentage of your customers/end-users.

    *pak-pak-pak* O, ayan **Benj’s sound effects**

  3. sir..okey lang, to put mix related naman…my question is about name server…is this also the name that we put during windows installation
    as computer name…is it also the same name to our localhost? CARLo

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