I hate fixing up other people’s work.

As the title goes… I do hate fixing up other people’s work when it comes to things web related. Sometimes it is easier to start things all over again doing it “my way”.

But in some cases… there is a small difference in the work time in either fixing things on an existing site, or redoing the whole thing. So it gives you a tough decision on which path to take.

But there are also cases that just fixing some mistake is easier to fix, but will contribute to making things harder in the future. That there are times it would take a long time to redo everything, but will make future editing a lot more faster.

Well I just needed to express myself while I work on some other website somebody else work on.

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2 thoughts on “I hate fixing up other people’s work.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This site I’m doing for work (which I think you worked on also) is a nightmare. Instead of adding stuff to this particular site, I decided to rebuild it without the layer files (reverse-engineered-build).

    And now they’re asking for additional things – things they didn’t want to begin with. X^O

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