Cleaning Up

Mama told me if I wanted to vacuum my car since the vacuum cleaner it there. I said nope, not today Mama, I just something to do. Which is cleaning up too. 😀 But cleaning up a computer. One of my computers was used for playing around. And a few things here and there were installed.

-Uninstalled all unnecessary softwares
-Ran AVG, Updated and Full System Scan
-Ran AD-Aware, Updated and Full System Scan
-Ran Spybot, Updated and Full System Scan
-Check msconfig, Disabled unknown start up items.
-Updated SpywareBlaster
-Check for unwanted files manually on the hard disk.
-Removed browser toolbars.
-Made Firefox the default browser.
-Removed homepage settings.

And this time, before I forget, I need to create a separate user profile and just delete it everytime and recreate it again so it is much easier.

Now back to work.

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