Emil’s Arrival!

Last night, right after work, I headed to McDonald’s just outside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth where I work. This is were Marcia, Dawn and Jamie were waiting. We were all heading for the airport to pick up Emil, Marcia’s younger brother coming from Japan.

In the car, with us was my colleague Bennette who road along up to Philcoa where we then headed home since out way was also his direction home.

It was 9:40pm when we left and the estimated time of arrival of the plane was 10:40. We got there on time since there was no traffic. We first went to the Centennial Airport, and found out we support to be at Ninoy Aquino International Airport since Centennial is for Philippine Airline flights only.

When we got there, Jamie kept going all over the place while we waited for Emil to arrive. We stayed at the waiting area labeled GHIJK which means that is the area where the people arriving with lastnames starting with G, H, I, J and K should go to. When Emil arrived he Marcia to go to section TVU waiting area.

We then all walked to the parking area and headed straight home. Dawn was so tired and sleepy, she was out cold in a few minutes along with Jamie beside her. Me, Marcia and Emil ate some mechado for dinner and had a few chats.

Before I retired to bed, me and Marcia did some few emails to send and receive and Emil got to bed. Emil slept in our room. Me, Marcia, Dawn and Jamie slept in Mama’s room. My Mom slept in my sister’s room with my sister and her kids.

We all woke up about 9am preparing to go to work. I was not able to go to work on time since I remembered I needed to print something for En Blaze, my client and burned a CD, brought the laptop and printer to work so I could do it there in my freetime.

Emil seemed to be preparing all his schedules since the day his foot landed on Philippine soil. He was finding out where places are and how to get there.

My teaching schedule is 9am to 9pm and I am still at work right now, will be back home in 4 hours. And after that me and Marcia will go to Citation to do a few things there before going to bed.

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