Back to work…

Yesterday Morning, I was not able to wake up early even if Marcia kept waking me up and when I woke up, she no longer had time to pass by Federal Hardware. So we both went straight to work. Our plan for the day was to go to PNB Escolta at around lunch time, just after my 9am to 12pm class, and come back just in time for my 6pm to 9pm class. Unfortunately, Marcia was not able to get out of work. So what I did instead was to pass by Ever Gotesco HomeWorks as recommended by Marcia for me to pass by and get the glass windows for the entertainment center furniture that we did not get when we bought it. I did not have any problems at all, as Ter, the guy at HomeWorks, simply got the glass and handed it over. At Informatics, Bennette was fixing all the wirings of the server putting the UPS plugs in the right places, and I was installing a new hard disk on one of the PCs.

Sir Dan talked to me about my lates and absences, and all he said is whatever my plans are, give them a notice and tell them right away so they can prepare. It was also Tiney’s birthday that day, happy birthday Tiney! And she got Greenwich Pizza for everyone and also gave us a Big-O(That’s Zest-O Big 250)!

For my XP2PC classes, boy they didn’t come again! So there is still no classes. But still decided to stay at the center since I was not finished working on the computer I was installing the new hard disk.

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