Kuya Gerry’s Arrival at the Philippines

Yesterday, I supposed to be at work at 9am for my ST109B class (CorelDraw, PhotoShop). But I needed to give some print jobs to En Blaze, and the printer ran out of ink. I had to wait till 10am to get ink at SM. I finished my printing at 11:30am and decided not to go to work anymore since my first class is up to 12pm. And I totally forgot about my 1 to 5 class, XP2PP (PowerPoint). It was a good thing my students were the security trainors of En Blaze. So I did hope they understand why I could not make the class, since I was working on their company’s corporate folder.

That day, I also had to pick up Kuya Gerry, Marcia’s brother, at the airport coming from Australia who arrives at Manila at 4pm. At the airport, the Almeda Family was there minus Kuya Louie. Harry and Janet were there. Me, Marcia, Dawn and Jamie were present too.

When we got there, Jamie was so happy pointing at all the airplanes she sees starting to fly and leave the airport. Once Kuya Gerry arrived, and everyone was in their respective vehicles, we headed towards Marina, a restaurant at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Buendia, near Philippine Trade and Training Center. This restaurant had a look and feel as if you are on an old sailing ship made of wood. There were outdoor areas, and indoor air-conditioned areas, but always felt outdoor since the glass windows were so big, you never feel you are in the indoor area. There was an aquarium that seem to have salt water fishes in it. And I have heard that salt water fishes are more colorful that fresh water fishes. And those fishes were definitely colorful. And the famous “Finding Nemo” star, the clown fish was also present, further confirming that salt water fishes were in the tank. I am not sure if I am correct, but I think salt water aquarium-selling is being regulated by law, since it is now illegal to sell corals since our coral reefs have been depleting in the Philippines. But I looked closely at the aquarium at Marina and they did not have any corals there. Just a big rock. One thing I also noticed was the UV (ultraviolet) light they had. Actually there are three frequency ranges of UV light simply nicknamed UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Where UV-A is not harmful. UV-B and UV-C is harmful to the skin which could give rise to free-radicals (unpaired electrons) causing skin cancer which basically comes from the sun. The UV light at the aquarium was for sure to be a UV-A light and it’s effect on surfaces is it gives white colors a bright neon like effect that is slightly violet, but still predominantly white. So the fishes in the aquarium with light colors seemed to light up a bit, but most people looking at the fishes didn’t know about it.

When we ordered what to eat, we ordered a lot, Crispy Pata, Roasted Tuna (katawan), Kare-Kare, Pork Sisig, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Canton, Chopseuy, Lechon Manok, Sinigang na Tuna (Ulo). As desert, we had ice cream and Main Con Yelo. The food was ok, I ate mainly the food that I do not get to eat at home that much, so I went for the Sisig and Roasted Tuna and Chopseuy.

Before eating, the kids kept running here and there and Kuya Gerry told me to take pictures of them, so I did. Jude Loi kept wearing his vampire mask trying to scare everyone. When it was eating time, Jamie couldn’t be kept in one place, while I was eating, Marcia was with Jamie, and when I was done, I was with Jamie so Marcia could eat.

We went home on a full stomach, thanks again to Kuya Gerry. We then proceeded to Dapitan, to bring Ate Ning home, and Janet and Harry as well at Quintos. Then we all proceeded to our house.

Our (Me and Marcia) house, fresh from painting, and construction of the interior, has never been slept in after the renovation done. There is also minimal furniture inside. We got our mattress from home and a few cushions for us to sleep on at the living room. After all the ‘pasalubong’ giving (thanks again Kuya Gerry), Kuya Gerry went straight to bed. Everyone else Went to Burger Machine and get something to eat. When everyone else went to sleep as well, me, Madelaine and Dawn were still awake playing cards. I taught them a few card games, like Speed, Bluff and Crazy 8. As we were still awake, Jamie was awake too and did not stop from going up and down the lower steps of the stairs. We slept at 3am.

At 4am, Marcia woke me up to bring Kuya Gerry to the Airport for his 7am flight on his way home to Bicol. The kids came with us and after bringing Kuya Gerry to the airport, we all headed to Dapitan to bring the kids there. Had a little chit-chat and I then headed home and slept another 1 hour before I went to work.